Welcome! We are part of Stockport's outreach provision for children with additional needs linked to behaviour.
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Video Tutorials

Video 1: Land Art

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Have a scavenge to find things you like, and watch the video to give you ideas for some Land Art.

Video 2 Den building

Make a BIG den for you, or a tiny den for your toys or animals!

Week 3 Bug hunting

Here are a few tips to get you started with bug hunting. We've added 2 simple keys to our website you can download to help you identify what you've found. ...

Wild Wellbeing - Week 4: Dreamcatchers

This week Kelly is showing you how to make a simple Dreamcatcher from things you find on your daily exercise, in your garden and around the house.

Video 5: Wild Wellbeing: Potions!

On today's Wild Wellbeing video, Kelly will give you tips to create your own pongy potions! What magical powers can you conjure up using the flowers and her...

BSS Forest School: Wild Wellbeing Video 6 - Tree ID + Field Notes

Learn how to identify a tree you have found and how to create simple field notes so you won't ever forget it!