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Staying Safe

Staying Safe...


We have returned to a select few schools to deliver Forest School sessions to children in their bubbles.  These comply with all the hygiene and Social Distancing requirements, with an additional Covid-19 Risk Assessment in place.  


We have created a series of Games and Experience resources to share with Practitioners, Schools and Families, including videos and step-by-step guides.  Some of these are traditional games and others are unique inventions by our Forest School Leaders.  You can find them on our BSS Forest School Resources page, as well as our twitter @BSSForestSchool.


Hand Hygiene

Now that we're back out delivering some small group sessions within the 'bubble' guidance, one simple way we can keep everyone safe is by continuing with hand-washing outdoors, as well as in.  Building a Tippy Tap is a good way to have a hand-washing station which is operable unsupervised by the children, using a foot pedal.  See the image below or click this link for a video.   



Whatever the Weather?

BSS Forest School endeavours to take children out all year round - rain, wind or shine!  As long as the children are kitted out appropriately, they can have fun outdoors all year round.  See below for our 'Kit List' for Forest School.


However, it is Forest School, not Endurance School and we will risk assess each session according to the conditions, exposure or tree cover.  This may mean we will alter the experiences on offer if we can, or we will cancel where safety is a concern.  For example, operating in a woodland in sustained gale force winds could risk branches falling down and we would move to a field setting if there was one available or cancel under these circumstances. 

Summer Time - Information on Ticks


At this time of year, some forests can be home to midgies, mosquitoes and ticks.  Wearing trousers and long sleeves all year round is one way to protect against being bitten.  Some people might also like to use insect repellent. 


Below is a document with some more information on tick bites and what to look out for if you do get a bite.