Welcome! We are part of Stockport's outreach provision for children with additional needs linked to behaviour. PLEASE SEE OUR COVID -19 UPDATE AND NEW RESOURCE SECTION WITHIN THE BSS MENU
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Restorative Approaches in Stockport


Meet our BSS Restorative Lead Practitioner ...


Hello, I am Sarah Baggaley and I have worked for BSS for 13 years. I am  a teacher and have over 25 years’ experience working in primary & secondary schools.  Since 2015, I have been one of the Lead Practitioners for Restorative Approaches in Stockport, helping to create our core restorative training materials & developing new materials to meet the growing developing restorative needs within schools and Stockport Family.  I am  a member of the Restorative Justice Council and have  received accreditation as a restorative trainer from the RJC.  


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