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You can find lots  of resources all in one place on the Stockport Local Offer page. There is a special Covid -19 section .


We would like to regularly highlight  resources 

that we think  school staff and parents /carers would find especially useful. 

21st October 2021

Helping a young person develop coping strategies 

Victoria Jarvis, one of our Behaviour Support Co-ordinators, has participated in a PACT ( Parents And Carers Together)  webinar with Cheryl Knupfer , Autism Lead. They discussed various tools you can use to help a child develop their own coping strategies at home and school. 

You can watch it here and find the associated resources below. 



20th May 2021

An Introduction to Zones of Regulation for the Senco Network


11th February 2021

A story about being scared to go outside 

Our story "The Brave Warrior Twins" has been updated by Wendy to include the vaccine, so children can feel even safer after reading it. 

Yoga and relaxation with Diane 
Yoga poses and stories  are a wonderfully mindful way to relax, learn breathing techniques and  get rid of negative emotions.

Watch one of our teachers Diane Sullivan shares some poses that children will love to try. 

Follow our yoga story and copy the poses as Harry and his friends search for a magical diamond that has been stolen from Hogwarts!

Harry Potter Yoga Story

December 2020

Making the Most of Life with Limits

Stockport families gave us lots of ideas about how they supported their children's emotional wellbeing during the first acute phase of the pandemic. We thought they were so useful we made them into a booklet of tips to share again as life with Covid continues. 

This booklet was updated in February to add a personalized wellbeing plan that you can make with your child.


1st December 2020

We want to share some of our favourite funny, moving and inspirational videos from across the internet with you. We use these in our training on  wellbeing, behaviour management, ADHD, autism,  attachment. etc . Our training is so bespoke to your school that the list is endless ! The last day of term is a special Christmas themed one from the BEST XMAS MOVIE EVER . Enjoy! One window opens a day, so you will have to come back every day to see them all.


21st July 2020

Understanding resilience and self esteem and managing children's worries 

Some resources  that school staff and parents/carers might find useful to help children develop their own strengths and coping strategies. The resilience resources can be a useful way for school staff to plan strategically with agencies to support a child and family. There are also two programmes ( to build self -esteem and resilience) for primary age children with  a handbook and resources for staff.

Managing Children's worries

20th July 2020

The Brave Warrior Twins- a story about being scared to go out 

This is another therapeutic story from Wendy at Primary Jigsaw. The children know the government  says everyone can go out more,but they are still worried that they will catch the coronavirus. Olivia Owl comes to their aid, demonstrating techniques you can use with your child to boost their confidence and resilience.  One of the things Olivia says can be part of our armour against the virus is the fact that our grown ups will look after us, so we have made a version where the boys live with their foster carer, Sarah to go alongside the original where they live with Mum and Dad..

Download them below or find the  flipbooks online so you can read on a tablet or phone without the need to print out.



30th June 2020

Parenting in Challenging Times 

Some  top tips for putting limits in place and using scripts to respond to refusals and unwanted behaviours. Great to use in partnership with our emotion coaching scripts.

25th June 2020

Emotion Coaching resources

This technique has become invaluable at BSS and Jigsaw . We find we use it more and more and parents and carers find it a really useful new way of looking at how to navigate their child  through an emotional outburst.

 Have a look at this clip from the film Inside Out 

  It shows the technique in action, and see how coaching someone through their feelings can often end an outburst more quickly than you might think!

1st June 2020

Bubble Planning Ideas 

This bundle of resources is  a very practical one, designed to help with your Bubble planning. It includes  lots of socially distanced games and wellbeing activities to expand your repertoire over the coming weeks! As all schools are different,  please remember to check with your Headteacher  that the activities comply with the  risk assessment you have in place. 

May 2020

The Day We Went Back To School 

This week we would like to share a therapeutic story written by our very own Wendy Smith . This is a lovely resource to share with a child who has lots of worries about returning to school after lockdown,There are also some activities to complete with the child at the end of the story. 

29 June 2020 Update: we have also added two alternative versions where Zain lives with a foster carer  and in a residential home . This is simply to  help some of our children identify more easily with Zain. The story is the same.