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Covid-19 Update for schools

2nd  February  2021

We continue to offer Covid-safe face to face support to schools, as we did last term. We visit one school a day to reduce risk of transmission, and when we are at your school, we work within your own Covid risk assessment in addition to ours.   Please be reassured that all our staff are now having lateral flow tests twice a week to give schools and families additional peace of mind. 

5th  September 2020 Update 

We are now able to visit most of our schools in person, in addition to supporting staff and parents/carers remotely.  We are all very pleased to be back out doing what we do. We can currently  visit one school a day- this is to ensure we are working in line with Covid guidelines. 


MESSAGE TO SCHOOLS- 25th March 2020

As you will appreciate, the situation is evolving on a daily basis and might change.



We remains committed to working collaboratively with our schools to the best of our ability.

The Head Teacher, Janette Braithwaite and the Deputy Head Teacher, Sarah Chatterton are home working currently and are available by email for guidance and advice as regards strategic decisions around vulnerable children and those with SMEH. They are continuing to manage the work of the BSS wider team and have input within the Local Authority in regard to SEND and emotional wellbeing.

Our team of Behaviour Support Co-ordinators are in regular  contact with schools to identify the support that school teams and their children and families need.  Children who are active to BSS will be our priority in each school, but we are keen to offer support and advice for those children who schools identify as vulnerable. Our Behaviour Mentor team are available to support their key children as directed by school if they are attending. They can also support with appropriate resources, as needed.




Deputy Head:

Behaviour Support Co-ordinators can be contacted via their usual email address or work mobile. 




All  sessions are postponed in the near future but the team is available to advise on safe, outdoor activities observing social distancing guidance. We will re-assess the projects booked for the summer term as the situation develops.
We are pleased to offer a session for staff groups to support re-connection and staff wellbeing as schools start to reopen.  

Details are at   

This is on a first come, first served basis as capacity is limited!

We have lots of outdoor activity ideas on our resources page .

Feel free to  share with parents and carers or use with children in school at the moment.



The Primary Jigsaw Team are all working from home and we have prioritised our open cases in terms of parental support at this time. 

Support to school staff; We are offering telephone consultation to school staff where this is required to discuss possible future referrals, to plan together how best to support families, to share resources. We will also be sharing with key members of school staff our level of contact with families and any potential safeguarding concerns that arise.


Service to families; Each caseworker has details for their children and families and are making contact over the phone. Initial phone calls are being made to ensure they have our contact details, to see if they need any support imminently and to agree a level of contact during school closure. For some of our families they have requested regular contact (alternate days/weekly) some less formal contact and have asked if they can lead this and contact us if they need further support. 

The team are also able to use some online messaging services e.g. whatsapp to message families who may not have credit on their phones at this time but have access to the internet. 

In this way we have been able to act to support parents and to share resources if appropriate e.g. stories to help them explain the current situation to their children. 

The team can have telephone contact with children on their caseload that they have met prior to school closure if a parent agrees and is also in the room with the child at the same time and on loudspeaker. 

Any families awaiting initial assessment this is now being done over the phone or a virtual face-face meeting where possible. 



 The team remain committed to offering support and advice on a virtual  basis. Please email  with any enquiries. 



All imminent training has been postponed.