Welcome! We are part of Stockport's outreach provision for children with additional needs linked to behaviour. PLEASE SEE OUR COVID -19 UPDATE AND NEW RESOURCE SECTION WITHIN THE BSS MENU
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Stockport Behaviour Support Service

Covid -19 Update for Parents and Carers

6th May 2020



If BSS are currently involved in supporting your child ....

Our teachers are in regular contact with their schools to offer advice and resources whilst schools are closed.  Please get in touch with your child's school if you are worried or concerned about behaviour and/or wellbeing and we can check in with you by phone, WhatsApp or email - whatever is easiest for you.

Please be reassured that any reports that are due to support the EHCP process will still be written and submitted for panel.



If you or your child are being supported currently by Primary Jigsaw..... 

Each worker will be  making contact over the phone to check in with you and see if you would like any support (one -off or regular) whilst schools are closed.

The team are also able to use some online messaging services e.g. whatsapp to message families if they prefer this to the phone.

We can also use WhatsApp or email to  share resources if appropriate e.g. stories to help them explain the current situation to their children. 

The team could also offer telephone contact with children  that they know already if a parent agrees and is also in the room with the child at the same time and on loudspeaker. 

If a referral has been accepted and you are awaiting assessment ....

This will be completed via phone or  a virtual face-face meeting where possible.