Welcome! We are part of Stockport's outreach provision for children with additional needs linked to behaviour. UPDATE: We've extended the deadline for the Forest School Leader job until 22nd October 2021 so plenty of time to apply.
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My name is Marie France and I have worked as a Behaviour Support Co-ordinator since September 2016. During my career as a teacher I have worked across all ages of the primary sector in both Manchester and Stockport. Previous to my BSS post, I was a SENDCO and Early Years practitioner in a Stockport primary school. I am particularly interested in increasing knowledge, skills and understanding to support the needs of pupils who identify as having Social, Emotional and Mental Health difficulties. I am also very interested in supporting practitioners to deliver long-term interventions such as the use of social stories and comic strip conversations to support pupils with identified social communication difficulties.


Hi, I am Emma Geary.  I joined the service over ten years ago. In my career I have worked across the key stages from Early Years to KS4 and have had various roles including classroom teacher, SENDCo, Safeguarding lead and senior leadership member in both primary and secondary settings. I have also worked as a Restorative Lead for the Local Authority and have volunteered as a member of the Youth Offending Panel for the last 5 years.

I have delivered a range of training to primary, secondary and special schools covering Restorative Approaches, Challenging behaviour and Parenting. I am excited to have the opportunity to deliver training on Trauma Informed Schools from 2020. 

For the last 3 years I have been the Complex Transition Co-ordinator for primary aged children. In this role, I support primary children who have been or are at risk of permanent exclusion.  This is a challenging area of work and an area that I am passionate about. I work with professionals from a range of services, parents, school staff and the child in order to find a positive way forward.


I’m Louise Lamont and I joined the BSS team in September 2017. Prior to this, I spent 16 years working as a class teacher, SENDCo, and member of the senior leadership team in mainstream primary settings in both Liverpool and Stockport. I am a Team Teach Tutor, training adults in the use of positive behaviour management and de-escalation strategies.

I am particularly interested in working with staff to develop their understanding of the varying drivers behind pupils’ presenting challenging behaviours, and working together to implement positive approaches through personalised plans.



Hi, I am Anne McBride and I have worked in education, pastoral management and training for over 30 years. As an accredited and experienced Mindfulness Coach, I have trained with leading specialists from Bangor and Oxford University and have considerable experience delivering courses, insets and twilights  to schools, business and community groups. I also deliver individual coaching sessions in business and for private clients.


My name is Heather Newton and I joined BSS in September 2005.  I previously worked as a class teacher in both mainstream and special schools and gained valuable experience whilst running a Nurture Group in a mainstream primary school.  I also worked as an outreach behaviour support teacher in Manchester.

Throughout my career, I have always been passionate about supporting students who have experienced the foster care system or been adopted. This has led to my long standing interest in attachment.  

I have been delivering   training since 2007 in all aspects of behaviour and SEMH in primary, secondary and special settings . I specialise in attachment, trauma  and nurturing approaches and also facilitate our termly Attachment Network. This is an afternoon of training and problem solving for staff who are working with students with attachment needs.


I am Diane Partridge and I joined the team in September 2009 after a number of years working as a class teacher and leader in mainstream primary schools.

I am the team lead for early years. In this role I work with schools to support our youngest learners who present with challenging behaviour in school. I attend a multidisciplinary group to consider how best to support nurseries and schools who work hard to support vulnerable children who have additional challenges in education.

I have a particular interest in considering the whole child and have worked using a nurturing approach in school, setting up Nurture Groups and supporting schools to run them. I also have an interest in children with ASD which has led me to develop training exploring the positive use of visuals in school.   


Hello, I’m Elaine Robertson and I have worked for BSS since September 2011.   I have   had a number of different roles within education including mainstream classroom teacher, behaviour support in a specialist BESD unit, 1:1 support for children with significant social, mental and emotional health difficulties in a mainstream setting, and a Behaviour Mentor with BSS. I currently work across the Key Stages from EYFS to KS4.

I am a Team Teach Tutor, delivering training in schools about de-escalation and positive behaviour management. I also deliver the Midday Supervisors’ Network providing termly support.

I am particularly interested in supporting staff in building positive relationships with students and in working with adults and children to find a way forward together. Like any other area of the curriculum, I believe that successful behaviour is something that can be taught and I deliver training focusing on ways to approach this.



Hi , I am Diane Sullivan and I have  been a Behaviour Support Co-ordinator for 12 years. I have worked across both primary and secondary settings.

I am interested in helping children to understand how they can develop greater control over their bodies. In doing so children begin to understand how they can calm themselves and restore emotional balance. As a result children can cope better with everyday challenges and make improved choices for themselves. I support school staff and children suffering anxiety issues with yoga and relaxation programmes.