Welcome! We are part of Stockport's outreach provision for children with additional needs linked to behaviour.
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Stockport Behaviour Support Service

About Primary Jigsaw

Primary Jigsaw is a multi-disciplinary team that works to support and improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children attending a mainstream Stockport primary school. Requests for support are made via a school based referral. We offer short term targeted interventions following a thorough assessment.


About the team

The team consists of 6 members of staff -  Primary Jigsaw Coordinator, Teacher, 4 x Child and Family workers.


Pupil Support

  • Targeted direct work with child
  • Emotional regulation work
  • Coping with loss and separation
  • Therapeutic stories
  • Play based sessions 
  • CBT based interventions 


Parent/Carer support

  • Bespoke 1-1 parent/carer support
  • “Parenting Anxious Children” 10 week course – based on the Timid to Tiger programme.
  • Supporting parents to understand the drivers of their children’s emotional health difficulties and to make systemic changes to improve this.
  • Direct work with parent/carer and child to strengthen relationships
  • Attending relevant meetings including TAC/TAF, Core groups, CP conferences where required.


School Staff support

  • Strategic support for school staff
  • Training for school staff
  • Attending meetings
  • Staff supervision
  • Supporting peer supervision
  • Supporting staff to understand the formulation for a child
  • Creating targeted support within school



Contact us

Oakgrove School,

Matlock Rd,

Heald Green SK8 3BU

0161 437 4956 opt 2


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